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Sandton City Office Tower
Johannesburg, South Africa

AR provides confidence in the performance of products, processes and people for the production, distribution and use of the investor.

Independence & customer focus
AR continuously strives to find ways to provide higher value to our customers in the international marketplace. This is done by providing independent and unbiased services and maintaining a broad portfolio of skills including high-end consultancy, excellent research, and connecting people. From the beginnig to the end, we are one company serving the diverse needs of the much unexploited marketplace. With a focus on solutions rather than advice. ARis an innovative and independent authority that is committed to the success of its customers.

Experience & professionalism
We deliver value to our customers by leveraging the vast experience of our industry experts, all rooted in AR's many years of unrelenting integrity and professionalism. This results in reliability, quality, and consistency for each assignment undertaken. Our experienced professionals project confidence and competence, and we take pride in having many of the word's most respected experts in the industry.

Employee excellence & innovation
Our professionals take pride in being pioneers in the consultancy industry. Curious to discover, AR's people have a driven passion for wanting to know, bringing this passion to client engagements. This has resulted in excellence and a wide array of unique methodologies, tools, and facilities. We want to offer a dynamic and challenging working environment for our employees. We will foster and stimulate the continuous development of our employees' competencies neccessary for servicing their customers.

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