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Long Established African Resources is a commercial enterprise, specializing in high-grade consultancy,. Much of the company's work centers round innovative research and planning. As an independent organization, AR supports clients concerned with setting up any form of infrastructure in Africa.

We are developing and delivering world class solutions to the international business segment. We deliver mission critical applications solutions to business enterprises that require dynamic solutions that are unique, responsive, secured, and future-centric.

Whist having the capability to rapidly adopt new methodologies and build interoperable, scalable solutions that safeguard our client's existing investments solutions,
Our unique strength emanates from being able to deliver the whole spectrum of a companies business automation cycle, from strategic consulting, technical design, deployment of project specific customized technologies and people with the right skills. As a result we are in a position to provide our clients a wide range of solutions in the following areas of specialization

There are 3 primary areas which could be looked into:

1. Mining
Due to our vast network, we have information as to where the biggest reserves are in gold, diamond, copper and other minerals, as well as access to these mines. The potential is humongous and thus needs to be exploited while the opportunity is still available.

2. Commodities
Full scale and artisanal mining has made many commodities like Diamonds, Gold, Copper, etc available at good prices and excellent quality. We can swiftly arrange these commodities with the infrastructure that we have.

3. Miscellaneous
Due to the influx of foreign investors and lack of infrastructure, there is much room for progress in other sectors. There are government tenders as well as tenders from multi national companies who require aid in various sectors. Since there a great vacuum of investors there is much room to marginalize profits in sectors other then mining.

AR has a high-end reputation as a company. Furthermore, the company's consultants provide technical solutions, strategic advice and insight into financial implications on all kinds of issues. AR tailors its services to clients needs and often implements solutions on clients' behalf. Quality and reliability are integral to all AR's activities. In its business, AR has provided consulting and project implementation expertise to many companies around the world. One of ARs uniqueness lies in its combination of utility business management and technical skills in helping companies to improve the management of their assets.

The biggest challenge facing generation, transmission and distribution utilities today is aligning the management of infrastructure assets with corporate objectives. Justification for spending now has to meet not only requirement criteria related to operations and reliability but also stringent business case rate-of-return requirements. AR approaches asset management from both a business and technical perspective, linking a utility's operational objectives with customer expectations, regulatory requirements, financial objectives and other stakeholder goals. We use proven methodologies and models for asset condition assessment and evaluation of life extensions, upgrades, and overloading of individual assets. Our integrated approach results in optimal strategies for operations and maintenance programs, addressing life extensions, upgrades, monitoring and diagnostics.

The result...our services can help our clients better balance the risk of profit loss against maintenance or capital replacement choices. We'll help them more effectively manage the risk of low-probability, high-cost events, optimize the balance between risk of and investment in aging assets, defer investments, and reduce capital and O&M spending by prioritizing investment based on corporate objectives for reliability, quality, safety and environmental considerations.

Impartial outsider
Liberalization and heightened competition have made companies everywhere less service-oriented and more commercial. Service still matters, of course, but - more than ever before - its value has to be visible on the bottom line. AR therefore has to be able to demonstrate the financial significance of groundwork, to show where and how process efficiency and productivity can be increased. And, increasingly, AR acts as an independent quality inspector, assessor and project manager. Because companies retain less expertise in-house, contracting work out instead, they are in more need of an impartial outsider.So demand for the services of an outsider with integrity and expertise based on many years of experience can only grow in the current climate.

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